Top 5 Medify air purifier

    There are number of companies based in USA engineering air purifiers. Their main focus is not only to add more effective features.

    They are also focusing on giving air purifier an aesthetic look. A look that attracts a lot more people. People now wants an air purifier that fits right in their home.

    Medify air purifiers not only work efficiently but have modern designs. These are some of the best air purifiers for mold, baby, cat allergies, smoke removal, odor and other contaminants. Several medify air purifier models are available. Each have unique features with their sleek design.

    Why choose medify air purifier?

    Medify air purifier not only cleans the air you breathe. It reduces the chances of triggering any symptoms of any allergies. It helps you with your asthma or sinus as well. You can sleep peacefully at night.

    The air purifier will trap all the dust particles or any other allergens and makes your environment healthy and pure.

    Let’s have a look on different models of Medify air purifier.


    1. Medify MA-25 Air Purifier


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    Medify MA-25 air purifier is 3-in-1. It purifies the air up to 500 square feet for every 30 minutes. It is a perfect model of an air purifier. This air purifier comes with dual air intakes and two filters.

    It removes 99.9% of pollutants from the air. It makes sure the air you breathe is clean and fresh. It has Clean Air Delivery (CAD) rate of 250. Moreover, the life of its filter is around 2,500 hours, which is pretty great.

    Medify MA-25 air purifier includes filter change indicator. Which means it makes sure that you are aware when there is need to change the filter. The process to replace the filter is very simple as well.

    This model of medify air purifier has 3 fan speeds for you to adjust according to your comfort. It also comes with the timer, dimmer, and a night mode.

    • 3-layer filtration
    • Child lock
    • Night mode
    • H13 true HEPA filter
    • Energy star certified
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Nothing


    2. Medify MA-15 Air Purifier


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    Medify MA-15 includes H13 filter. This filter is rated higher than the true HEPA filter. It removes pollutants like dust particles, pet dander, smoke, odor, mold, smoke smell, and other particles up to 99.9%. So, you can breathe filtered air.

    This air purifier has a sleek design. You can easily move it as well around you home. Medify MA-15 filters the air up to 330 square feet of area every 30 minutes. Its Clean Air Delivery Rate is 150. This model is ideal for baby nurseries, offices, or bedrooms.

    Its features include child lock, filter change indicator, and 3 fan speeds. Medify MA-15 is USA registered with lifetime warranty. It is considered as best air purifier for cat allergies and smoke removal.

    • Modern Design
    • Removes 99.9% allergens
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Quite in working
    • Its filters cost around $40


    3. Medify MA-40-W V2.0 Air Purifier


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    Medify MA-40 is one of the best air purifiers ever introduced in the market. It is ideal for you and your homes or offices. This air purifier is perfect with its looks to its features. You can place it in your bedrooms, apartments, or offices.

    This air purifier also comes with H13 filter. Its filter needs replacement after 6 months or 3000-hours.

    It is air purifier for 1000 square feet. Which means it filters the air up to 1,600 square feet in one hour, 840 square feet in 30 minutes and 420 square feet in 15 minutes with CAD rate of 330.

    Medify MA-40 has tempered glass panel, so it does not get any scratch. Its features include child lock, sleep mode along with the ionizer.

    • Ionizer technology
    • 3000 hours life of filter
    • Child lock
    • Touch control
    • Sleep mode
    • Slightly expensive but it is worth it


    4. Medify Air MA-112 V2.0 Air Purifier


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    Medify MA-112 comes with the Clean Air delivery rate of 950. Which is really great. It has one of the best CADR that you can get. It cleans the air up to 3,700 square feet for every hour.

    This air purifier is dual air intake. It removes 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and any other contaminants from the air. With its H13 true HEPA filter, it makes sure the air is thoroughly filtered.

    This model of Medify air purifier includes ionizer with on/off functionality, touch control panel, child lock, timer, sleep mode and many other excellent features. It also has filter change indicator and lets you know when it is time to replace the filter.

    It has perfect modern design that fits well in your house or office.  Moreover, it is CARB and ELT certified and comes with the lifetime warranty.

    • H13 true HEPA filter
    • 3-layer filtration
    • Energy star certified
    • Easy to move
    • 4 fan speeds
    • Expensive


    Medify Air MA-14-W1 Air Purifier


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    Medify MA-14-W1 is ideal for those who wants best air purifier but within a reasonable price. Just like all other medify air purifiers, it also includes H13 true HEPA filter. Which removes dust, pet dander, pollen, mold, odor, smoke, and other allergens.

    It cleans up to 470 square feet in one hour with the CADR of 120. It is perfect bedrooms, baby nurseries and dorms. It is also USA registered with lifetime warranty.

    Its features include sleep mode, night light, and filter replacement indicator. This air purifier has 3 fan speed so you can adjust it to your comfort.

    • Affordable
    • USA registered
    • Night light
    • Removes 99.9% pollutants from air
    • Needs frequent filter replacement



    These are some of the best air purifiers you can get from the market. Medify air purifiers are perfect with their excellent features and modern design.

    They hold all the qualities that should be present in an ideal air purifier. You can rarely find any drawback in these air purifiers. I would highly recommend you these air purifiers.

    Make the environment of your homes or offices clean and fresh. Breathe easily without the worry of triggering any allergies due to pollutant air. So, don’t waste your time anymore. Get your favorite and best air purifier.

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