5 Best Line Voltage Thermostat [Buyer’s Guide 2021]

    We all have dealt with thermostats once in our life. The market is full of thermostats for low voltage heating systems, but what about high voltage systems? Why do we need it?

    Let’s say you have electric-based heaters, wall convectors, radiant ceiling heaters, or fan-forced wall convectors. You will probably need a line voltage smart thermostat to save your money from excessive electric bills. 

    High voltage smart thermostats, commonly known as line voltage thermostats, can help you to save some money and control your heating systems from your smartphone.

    They deal with the systems that require high voltage (120V – 240V) other than your regular heating systems. So, this was all about why do you need a smart line voltage thermostat?

    Now you may be wondering what even are these thermostats. Don’t worry, we will explain it to you all. Let’s start!

    What is a line voltage thermostat?

    Line voltage thermostats are used with the heating and cooling systems that work with direct power.

    It is also known as a high voltage thermostat, two-wire thermostat, four-wire thermostat, 240V line voltage thermostat or 120V line voltage thermostat.

    It comes with thick wires as it runs on a direct voltage line, so don’t get uncomfortable when you look at it. 

    High voltage smart thermostat usually multi-zone systems and are independent of each other.

    For example, you can shut off one room’s heat without changing it in another room. These smart thermostats can detect the temperature, and when the temperature is reached at the required level, it turns off the heater’s power. 

    Single-pole vs double-pole Thermostats:

    What are single-pole and double-pole thermostats? And which one you should get? It is simple. 

    Line voltage intelligent thermostats come in two types: single-pole and double-pole. If you have two wires on the back of your existing thermostat panel, then it will be a single-pole thermostat.

    If you have four wires in the back, then it would be the double-pole thermostat.

     There is a slight difference between them. Single-pole thermostats can not be turned off even if you are not using your heater.

    It will turn the temperature as low as possible but can not shut it down completely.

    On the other hand, the double-pole thermostat can turn off the heater when it is not used. It is a better option as compared to single-pole thermostats. 

    How to install a line voltage thermostat?

    These thermostats are pretty simple to install. You can install it by matching two wires together or sometimes four wires.

    But Be careful! As you are working with high voltage wires so make sure you have turned your power off. Unless you are some expert or have some experience in it. 

     Smart line voltage thermostats were not that popular in the past. Nowadays, they are getting the deserved attention and can be found easily in the market. 

    Here are some options of line voltage smart thermostats that you can get quickly according to your requirements. 

    1. Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard Heaters:

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    Mysa smart thermostat is one of the best options available for electric baseboard heaters. It has a sleek and modern look. It will look with your décor. Besides the design of the thermostat, it comes at the top for its productivity as well. 

    Firstly, it can be controlled over Wi-Fi connectivity. You can fully control it from anywhere at anytime quickly.

    My smart thermostat also has an app for both IOS and Android, so you can check settings or make a schedule. It also has smart integrations to control it with popular voice assistants like Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistance. 

    You can install it easily. It can take just up to 15-20 minutes for installation. There are online step-by-step guidelines available that can make the installation easier and more perfect. 

    Most importantly, it saves up to 26% of the energy. So, it is cost saving. And it not only works with electric baseboard heater but with fan-forced heaters and hydronic baseboard heaters. It comes with the vacation mode as well. It means when you don’t need it, you can turn it off. 

    • Smart integration
    • Energy-saver
    • Easy to install and control
    • Compatible with voice assistants
    • It doesn’t reconnect automatically after a power outage; you will have to reset it manually
    • Not compatible with two-wire heating systems


    2. Stelpro ASMC402 Smart Home Thermostat:

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    Stelpro ASMC402 smart home thermostat comes with multiple features. For example, it’s connectivity with Maestro and Zigbee hub.

    One, it can be managed over Wi-Fi. Second, it can be accessed through the app. So, you can check temperature or change setting from anywhere.

    This line voltage smart thermostat is also compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant through IFTTT.  

    This maestro controller thermostat model connects and manages up to 19 other heaters in your home. Meanwhile, it can control the heating devices with up to 4000 watts of power. This model is one of the most reliable thermostats.

    Its features also include geofencing, which means you can adjust the heating when you leave or enter the house. 

    • Compatible with IFTTT
    • Manages up to 19 stelpro thermostats in your home
    • Energy-efficient
    • Maestro Controller
    • None

    3. KING ESP230-R MAX-22 Electronic Line Voltage Thermostat:

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    KING ESP230-R MX22 is a 7-day programable electronic line voltage thermostat. It is affordable—no need to get worried about the money.

    This high voltage thermostat comes with a large display screen with a backlight. It makes it easier to read the digits. This thermostat model is not complex to control. It has only two buttons for accessible temperature settings. 

    On the other hand, it has memory backup, so you will not have to apply the settings repeatedly. Plus, it saves up to 15% of the cost of an electric bill every month.

    You do not need a professional for its installation as well. You can install this line voltage thermostat yourself without any headache. 

    • Affordable
    • Large display screen
    • UL listed
    • Memory backup
    • Can not be used with two-wire heating systems

    4. Honeywell Home CT410B Line Volt Thermostat:

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    Honeywell home CT410B is a non-programmable thermostat. It is compatible with 120V-240V electrical baseboard systems. It also can handle the devices with up to 5,280 watts of power.

    This Honeywell high voltage thermostat has a non-polarized connection. Which means it is compatible with both 2-wire or 4-wire systems. So, it is one of the most reliable options at this affordable price.

    As it is mechanically programmable, you will have to adjust the temperature manually whenever you want it. 

    • Easy to install and use
    • Affordable
    • Accurate
    • Versatile
    • Non-programmable
    • No digital display


    5. Stelpro Z-Wave Plus KI STZW402WB+ Thermostat:

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    Stelpro KI thermostat is one of the most reliable options you can choose. It is compatible with your Z-wave products in your home. 

    The best thing about this thermostat is that you can set the temperature settings differently for day and night. Furthermore, it can remotely control your baseboard heaters or convectors heaters through your mobile devices or computer. 

    This smart line voltage thermostat comes with eco-mode, which allows you to save maximum energy while the heater is on. Meanwhile, it can also be used with your door, temperature, motion sensor. So, it can trigger the heating on/off automatically.

    The design of the stelpro Ki smart thermostat is simple and classy. It can be easily blended into your home décor.

    • Compatible with Z-wave devices
    • Eco-mode
    • UL Certified
    • Elevated climate control
    • Advanced automation
    • None

    These are some of the best smart line voltage thermostats you can have in your home. These high voltage thermostats are pretty easy to install and operate. And help you with the energy cost as well. I would personally prefer Mysa smart thermostat because of its look and features. 

    The choice is up to up to you. You can choose any high voltage smart thermostat according to your needs and budget. 


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