Audio-Technia ATH-S700BT Wireless Headphones Review


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    Are you looking for wireless headphones with good sound quality and not deciding which one to buy, then you have come to the right place! There are plenty of different models of headphones available in the market nowadays. Some with good structure but horrible features and some with extraordinary attributes with an average look.

    A model, Audio-Technica ATH-S700BT Headphones contains both qualities, quality features, and a classic look for just $129.00. isn’t it great? However, after using these cans, I have a couple of things to say.

    Appearance and Characteristics:

    Overall, ath-s700bt looks simple but classy with the height and width of 6.3 In., 1.9 In. Respectively. They are lightweight, so they are convenient to wear. Its earcups are padded with imitation leather and of decent size that can fit right on your ears. But after a period, it becomes uncomfortable. They are well fitted around your head too.


    We all want to use the gadget that we can control easily. Don’t we? All the buttons are located on the left earpiece of these Bluetooth headphones, making it very easy to control all the functions without any special knowledge.


    The battery life is pretty good on these wireless headsets. They last approximately 6-hours in use and max. 200-hours on standby. And the time required to charge them from 0% to 100% is almost 3-hours.

    Sound Quality:

    Sound quality is one attribute you would consider the most in buying any headphones. Ath-S700BT fits in this category with its clear and amazing sound quality. They have well-balanced bass, and you can listen to every detail of the sound.


    Noise Control:

    Most of us want isolation or complete silence when we focus on something. These cans sound isolate you and help you to focus on your sound with a very little sound of your surroundings.


    Special Features:

    They have a built-in mic to attend calls and for other purposes, and they are smartphone remote controlled. Additionally, the important feature is that they have 40 mm, drivers for powerful sound and efficient signal transfer.



    • Frequency Range 20-24000 Hertz
    • Transmission Band 20-20000 Hertz
    • Impedance 34 Ohm
    • Battery 7 V Lithium Polymer
    • Weight 88 oz
    • Manufacturer Audio Technica


    After this much information, what are you waiting for? GO and buy your ath-s700bt headphones!  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, and they will be worth your money if you want to buy lightweight and classy wireless headphones with a balanced sound.

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